M y  t r i p   i n  I r e l a n d . . .



I have decided in 2009, after 3 years living in abroad

I am going back to Hungary finally.  But! Before I wanted to see Ireland. 

In oct.2009 I have jumped from London to Dublin for a week,

but that was not enought for me. I wanted to see some ancient

 castle, celtic cross, to get something from the Irish culture. 

Once I gave accomodation and guiding for three girl who came from

Derry from Northern Ireland for few days (Hi Eszti :-) to London.

It has helped in my motivation, cause they told to me a lot of charmning

experiences and story about Ireland and gave a great picture-book.

I have been falled love in Ireland...


I have decided in the dec. of 2009 I am gonna to move to Northern Ireland for a short time.

 To Northern Ireland, because it is the part of the United Kingdom also

and I didn't want to get new accounts, permits, NI number etc.

because of a new country.

The best place for my aim has been Belfast.

I bought a new laptom fastly, got information got some new relationships around Belfast. 

CV writing, and sending speedly,searching the job agencies.

A really kind guy, Thomas :-) helped me a lot.

He gave his address in Antrim, which I could use as my address before six

weeks my arriving for looking after work.

(he has recieved my letters, etc.)

 He could give accomodation also, but I have choosed Belfast.


Well, I have moved back to Hungary finally in the

end of december of 2009, it wasn't so easy.


Leave taking and say goodbye

from town of Leytontól, from Mártha,

FreeC and from my colleagues ( Jolita,

Padmini, Ben, Gaba, Oto, Saira, Alex,

Vaneet,Celia, etc.)


 After 6 weeks resting at homeland in febr. of 2010 I have started my big dream.

The plane landed in Dublin at 22.30 - the last coach has gone already.

so I spended the night at the airport. 

At dawn my Air-coach service left towards Belfastba.

I have founded an Irish Landlord. I am not gonna to write anything about my

rental, althought it was really cheap, I can't image how could I to live there

in that raunchy place.

Fortunatelly I have been 10 minutes from the city center and there was

a huge park (the Botanic garden with palmhouse) 

5 minutes from me. 

And there was a special shop 20 sec from my door where you can buy only

tobacoo and hard drinks cheaply (wine shop). 

The living in Belfast was not really excited

there was mixed emotions in my heart.

I felt the strong English authority and the frictions

between the catholicks and protestans.

Now I have got a better knowledge about the history and what is going on there,

so I really sorry for the Irish people.

I could to account in my one hand how many people I know out of the rental

and workplace. Conspicuously the life is not too easy alone.

There are plenty of polish people in Belfast. Try to get any work among the

polish work agencies if you are not polish... 

Fortunatelly I could get work on the 10 th day, because I went 

to 9 agencies every morning and gave a phone call every afternoon.

Finally the Industrial temps called me for working.

I have been on a job interview also in my qualification

but they did not called me back, God knows why. 

Maybe they felt I came just for few months.

There have been my hardest and most tiredly works in Belfast.

One of them was the Tesco-storehouse, where was colt (+2 degrees) and it was tedious.

The biggest challange was the carrot and banana baskets loading.

The coming to my head has been the pulling the more than 800 kg potato-palette.

In addittion I needed to use the barcode reader continually and use

and read the ATM machine.

We had 3 digital cards also.




Fortunatelly I had just 15 days here, afterthis I went for 6 weeks to a PVC

factory (Brett Martin LTD.), which was dirty and noisy.

There was 12 hours shifts, but I had like to work here,

because the mood was great and I could to get new

relatioships ( (Jack Carnwell :-)  )...

In that time I begin to see around ireland .

Firstly I went to the castle of Carrickfergus ,

and the next weekend I have wondered on Derry,

which is the second biggest town in Northern Ireland. 

2 weeks later with Tímea and John went to the

 Giant's causeway and 3 weeks later to go to vote,

cause then have been the Hungarian election and the

ebassy is in Dublin. After it we have seen the Guinness storehouse.

In that time I have been more tired and alone,

but roughly I have seen everything what I

wanted, so I came back to Hungary.

I have been live in Belfast just three months

as I have planned. 


This huge trip was a unforgettabble and sensefully,

I have got new friendships, I have got a lot of experience and spectacle.

Now I know fully Belfast, the friction between

Catholics and Protestances and got more knowledge.


So I come back to Hungary with it in 26 th of april of 2010...




The important places in Belfast whiches are belong to me...





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